Monday, July 28, 2003

Burned Out on Technology

A few days ago, Ars Technica had and article called The Accidental Guru, which discussed people who got into technology by being the most knowledgeable person in their company at the time. The discussion in their forum was filled by people who either intentionally, or accidentally got into tech support or sysadmin positions, and have since become burned out by the job. This struck a chord with me, as I have grown increasingly bored with systems support over time. It's only interesting when there is new technology to implement, but those times are few and far between.

The common trait in the forum seems to be people who got into computers in their Junior High School days, and by the time they hit 30, would rather do work with the computer than fix it. Many would rather spend their time pursuing any thing else that interests them than work on systems. For myself, it is especially frustrating, since I am in a position that exists solely to work on the systems. These days, I would much rather spend time working on the music ministry or studying to prepare messages at my church than working with technology.

What is a jaded geek to do?


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