Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Here's to You, Larry Kisor

I just read this morning that my High School band director, Larry Kisor, will be retiring this year. For what it's worth, he is one of two people I remember from those days, the other being Fred Chadwick, who was partly responsible for my current engineering career.

Larry Kisor is not your average HS band director. He started teaching at my high school the year I started, and took the program from average to extraordinary. Under his leadership, the Jazz Ensemble regularly won, and always placed well, at state and local competitions. Under his teaching, many students have gone on to study music and make professional careers. (He came close with me, but engineering won out oh so slightly.) Not only is his teaching in jazz exceptional, his concert and marching bands regularly stood out among the local groups. I must attribute this to his love of teaching and his ability to bring out excellence from his students.

Of all the cynical things I could say about my high school experience, music, and the time I spent in that band room, was the highlight. For that, I offer my heartfelt thanks to Larry Kisor.

Mr. Kisor, your presence will be sorely missed. God bless you as you pursue new interests in life and teaching.


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