Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bering Strait Chunnel, or is that Stunnel?

There is talk of a Russian company wanting to build a tunnel connecting Russia and Alaska
under the Bering Strait. It would be over twice the length of the
tunnel connecting France and England. All the talk has to do with
business: shipping oil, transporting natural gas, and hydroelectric
power. Here’s something else to think about, though. While it would be
impractical to use this during winter months, if there was a passable
highway system, one could conceivably drive to Asia from the US. Flight
would obviously be faster, and probably cheaper after a certain
distance, but there would be something cool about saying you could
drive over a vast majority of the planet. It would be the ultimate road

(I cross posted this at the BHT. It was accidental on my part, as I had the wrong blog selected in in Scribefire, but there are elements of the post that could be interesting for them, so I left it there. That's the danger of publishing to too many sites, I guess.)

(EDIT: An astute observer at the above mentioned BHT noted that it isn't really a chunnel, as it isn't passing under the Bering Channel. Thus, stunnel would be more accurate. Now we can have two silly terms for tubes going under large bodies of water.)


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