Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Broken Saints

Slashdot had a link to an interesting manga or comic book-like flash site called Broken Saint. From the point of view of one who seeks to follow Jesus, there are some things there that one really doesn't need to see, but it fits the post-modern idea of a search for Truth without a proper understanding about what one is searching for. If you can deal with the icky stuff, there is plenty of material for jumping off into discussions of philosophy, theology, and ethics. (Philosophers, however, may disagree.)

On a side note, I understand the effect that the creators were going for by demonstrating mankind's capability to be brutal to its own, but I think they could have made the same points while keeing it tasteful. It is often said of the erotic that it is better to conceal than to reveal. A similar thought has been applied to horror films. (Think along the lines of the shower scene in Psycho.) If you want to really have an affect on someone, let them use their own imagination. It is more powerful than any word, sound, or image that an artist could render.


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