Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ubuntu Studio 7.04

I'm guessing professional audio and video editors will find some of the features lacking, but if you want to experiment with that kind of application, but don't have the cash to shell out for pro apps, then Ubuntu Studio may be a good choice.

HowtoForge has an install guide if you want to play with it.

From the article, the included applications are:

Audio Programs

  • Ardour2 - Free software hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation application
  • Wired - Audio creation program, helps to compose, record, edit and mix sounds (similar to Apple's GarageBand)
  • Hydrogen - Advanced drum machine
  • Rosegarden - Advanced MIDI sequencer
  • TerminatorX - Scratch audio files like a DJ does records
  • BEAST - Modular synthesis and composition
  • JACK - Audio connection kit for Linux

Graphics Programs

  • GIMP - Free software replacement for Adobe Photoshop
  • Blender - Program for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering
  • Inkscape - Vector graphics editor application
  • Agave - Intuitive color schemer
  • Scribus - Desktop publishing and page layout
  • Synfig - Film-quality 2D vector animation
  • FontForge - Postscript font editor

Video Programs

  • Kino - Free digital video editor
  • Cinepaint - Frame by frame retouching tool
  • Pitivi - Linear video editor
  • Stopmotion - Create stop motion videos
More info can be found here.


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